lunedì 2 maggio 2011

My sweet dolphin

As all my friends perfectly know, I love animals .. a lot!

We have 1 dog and 2 black cats all sleeping with us. In my facebook page I always share news about animals looking for a family or mistreated .. but I feel it is not enough .. so I was thinking to use my passion for the handcraft to promote and support some actions helping animals at extinction risk.

I'm starting with the dolphin .. besides being a beautiful creature it is also so intelligent!
The common delphin, (Delphinus delphis), supposedly living in big numbers in the italians seas, in the first part of 1900, now it is disappearing, maybe you can find it in Sardigna or Sicilia.
Thousands of dolphins are caught each year in illegal fishing nets. It was a massacre that the WWF for a long time trying to stop promoting fishing methods not harmful to the marine ecosystem and in treating the wounded individuals who come to the Wild Animals Rescue Centers.

Through my shop I want to promote the adoption of a dolphin, so for every sale, the 10% will be accumulated to reach the amount for the adoption, the minimun if Euro 30. Once reached the amount (of course if something is missing I will put my money in!) I will send to all customers the adoption file. For any additional information have a look to the following link

Hoping to be able to adopt a dolphin soon here's my new listing dedicated to this beautiful creature:

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