lunedì 25 aprile 2011

Grey squares necklace Custom order

 Let's start with one of the first creations .. this has been maden for a friend of mine .. She saw another style and I suggested to change it from circles to squares .. she asked for a color combination with black and silver .. that's the result!

This necklace is totally handmade, by polimer clay. silver leaf and acrilic colours.
The front is with black and silver polymer clay and silver leaf, using the tecnique of mokume gane (under useful links you can find some tutorials about this tecnique)

The back is the same adding acrilic colours.

Total lenght 42 cm approx, squares size 2x2cm and 3x3cm

This style can be produced in 5 working days from payment rcpt

For any additional information pls visit

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  1. I absolutely love this piece! I found your blog via Etsy and I look forward to seeing more. Here is my Etsy page, just so you can put a name with a face/shop.